2023 Web3 UI/UX Report: Top 4 Interesting Findings

Learn the trends and emerging patterns with the release of 2023 Web3 UI/UX Report. The key highlights are in this post!
2023 Web3 UI/UX Report: Top 4 Interesting Findings

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We are thrilled to share that our Web3 UI/UX Report 2023 is now available for download. This report is packed with insights that have not only guided us in improving authentication processes for developers and users alike but also promise to offer valuable perspectives to the wider community.

The world of decentralized technology is rapidly evolving, presenting unique challenges and opportunities in user experience within the Web3 space. Our report aims to illuminate these areas and provide you with research-backed strategies to enhance your projects.


How to Onboard the Next Billion Users

How close are we to mass adoption? Our findings delve into the critical role of user-centric design in paving the way for mass adoption of Web3 technologies.

Here’s a sneak peek of the insights from the report:

  1. 73% of web3 developers are building for the mainstream

More and more developers are recognizing the need to build for an audience with little to no experience in Web3, eclipsing the 66% of devs who build with cryptonatives in mind. What strategies do they implement to cater to the masses? Find the answers inside the report.

  1. Security is the biggest user concern when using Web3 applications

48% of users believe that the biggest barrier to adoption is security concerns and risks to people’s assets. The other concerns are also outlined in detail, such as high transaction costs and the learning curve it takes to understand the technology and its benefits. Learn how to lessen these internal friction for your users!

  1. Is ERC-4337 Account Abstraction (AA) worth implementing for developers? 

We deep dive into the pros and cons of AA with a focus group of developers who decided to take various directions with the technology. Bonus: we have also included some tools that will make AA easier and faster for developers.

  1. 68% access dApps through an Android device versus 59% who use web browsers

Are you designing for desktop-sized screens? It may be time to switch to a mobile-first design approach when building for web3. We tackle the evolution of dApp development and testing and how it has changed over the years.

The Path Forward: Empowering Web3 Experiences

Armed with the knowledge from our Web3 UI/UX Report, businesses, developers, and enthusiasts alike can forge ahead, creating digital spaces that are not only functional but also delightful to navigate. 

This report is designed to be a valuable resource for anyone, from experienced developers to those just beginning their Web3 adventure.


We invite you to explore the Web3 UI/UX Report 2023. Dive into the pages filled with actionable UX advice and join us in striving for a more inclusive on-chain experience.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Web3Auth community. Together, let’s keep pushing forward for a more inclusive on-chain experience.

Happy reading, builders!