How Heroes of Mavia made the best play integrating with Web3Auth

Within the first week alone, Heroes of Mavia achieved over 1 million downloads worldwide and established over 400,000 accounts using Web3Auth.
How Heroes of Mavia made the best play integrating with Web3Auth

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Created by Skrice Studios, Heroes of Mavia is a play-to-earn MMO strategy game set in the fantasy - themed island of Mavia.

In the fast paced world of mobile gaming with stiff competition, user conversion is key. That's why Skrice Studios, the developers behind the Web3 MMO Strategy game, Heroes of Mavia, made it their mission to provide a frictionless signup experience for their gamers.

The Decision to Integrate Web3Auth

Skrice Studios extensively evaluated different options before ultimately selecting Web3Auth for integration. They wanted a wallet provider that can seamlessly integrate into the game's signup flow, ensuring both top-notch security and reliability.

With millions of eager players waiting in the wings, the team sought a solution that not only streamline the onboarding process, but able to scale to accommodate their huge growing user base.

That's where Web3Auth came in.

The integration enables gamers without crypto wallets to select 'Sign in with Google,' after which a non-custodial wallet is instantly and seamlessly created for them. This process integrates gamers into the game effortlessly, eliminating the need to memorize and store seed phrases.

Gamers are able to transition from lobby to playing the game in under 40 seconds.

The Results Speak Volumes

The integration of Web3Auth didn't just meet expectations - it exceeded them. Heroes of Mavia experienced a significant uptick in user sign-ups and login rates, resulting in over 1 million global downloads just within the first week of launch.

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And the best part? Integrating Web3Auth was a breeze for Skrice Studios.

Instead of spending months in development time, their backend and Unity teams had everything up and running in only a few days, thanks to the Web3Auth SDK that has saved thousands of manpower hours and resources in the process which allows them to focus on other aspects of game development and improvement.

Since the integration, Heroes of Mavia has welcomed over 900k new Web3 users into its community - a testament to the effectiveness of Web3Auth in reaching a broader audience and expanding the game's player base.

Skrice Studios' experience with Web3Auth has been overwhelmingly positive. The solution has proven to be seamless, reliable, and extremely scalable, providing the confidence needed to continue growing their player base and exploring new opportunities within the Web3 gaming space.

“Our experience with Web3Auth has been seamless, reliable and extremely scalable. We feel confident in our ability to grow our current 2.5 million player base to much larger with the help of Web3Auth, and we look forward to the integration of the Ruby Marketplace, where we will see on-chain assets in the hands of all of our users!”

Looking to the Future

But Skrice Studios isn't stopping there. With the upcoming release of the Ruby marketplace within Heroes of Mavia, players will soon be able to trade NFTs and Legendary Items inside the game, all on-chain with the help of Web3Auth.

If you are developing a game or a dApp and seeking to onboard the next billion users onto Web3, explore the potential of integrating Web3Auth into your project. Read more: The Story of Web3Auth X Ronin Wallet integration.

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