Farcaster Integration is Now Live on Web3Auth

We are happy to announce our first DeSo sign-in with Farcaster. Now anyone can use their decentralized account to authenticate with Web3Auth.
Farcaster Integration is Now Live on Web3Auth

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We are happy to announce our first DeSo sign-in with Farcaster. Now anyone can use their decentralized account to authenticate with Web3Auth. Learn everything you need to know here.

As decentralized social platforms (DeSo) continue to captivate a growing audience who are concerned about data ownership and privacy, we are integrating Farcaster in Web3Auth’s SDKs. This marks the beginning of our journey to offer a wide range of DeSo sign-in options, catering to our community's demand for greater control over their digital identities.

Introducing Farcaster as a Social Login

Now you can use Farcaster as an authentication method through Web3Auth MPC and Auth Service SDK with just a simple configuration. 

The new Farcaster login method implements FIP-11 which allows the users to login using Farcaster clients by scanning a QR code and approving the application to read their sign-in information in Farcaster. Once the sign-in is verified, the user receives a self-custodial Web3Auth wallet that they can use to sign messages and transactions in your application.

Farcaster logins can also be integrated as an adapter in our Plug-and-Play Modal and NoModal SDKs along with the usual login methods such as Google, X, Discord, and many more.

You can check out the Farcaster login demo here.

How it Works Under the Hood

  1. Web3Auth SDK creates a channel with Farcaster client using the Farcaster relayer. 
  2. It then makes an API call to the FC Auth Relay to create a new channel.
  3. Web3Auth frontend (farcaster.web3auth.io) displays a QR code which will open Warpcast.
  4. The user scans the QR code with the mobile device and approves the request in Warpcast.
  5. Warpcast produces the signature and uploads it to the channel on the FC Auth Relay.
  6. Web3Auth SDK, which has been polling for the signature from the channel, now receives it.
  7. Web3Auth SIWF server verifies the signature received from Farcaster client and generates an app-scoped JWT Token. The app-scoped JWT token is received by the frontend and sent to Web3Auth’s authentication service to generate a social login share, as with Web2 social logins. 

The frontend and the verification server to issue app-scoped tokens is hosted by Web3Auth by default, but can also be hosted by the application with their own custom implementation of verifier.

  1. Auth Service gives back an app-scoped key to the user with their Farcaster’s account information, this enables applications to use Farcaster as one of the login factors in Web3Auth MPC SDK.
  2. Other security factors can be added to this account using the Web3Auth SDK MFA functions.

To those who are using our Plug-and-Play modal package, the Farcaster login method will be automatically shown along with your other social login methods such as Google and Facebook.

To those who are using custom UI without modal, you can configure Farcaster login by adding it as `loginProvider` in the login settings of your custom UI implementation. For detailed instructions, please refer to our documentation here.

Future Developments 

Farcaster login is the first of many features that we’re working on with the network. This first feature has read-only access for the user’s signed in profile on Farcaster. Over the next few weeks, we are excited to bring a deeper integration which will enable applications to read and write data to the protocol as well.

But that's not all! We're on the brink of introducing new products and features designed to revolutionize the way you build clients and Frames in Farcaster. Stay tuned.


What is Farcaster and Warpcast?

Farcaster is a social graph protocol built to support social media applications with user-managed data. Warpcast is one of the clients built on top of Farcaster.

Where can I find more information on how to use Farcaster as a social login for Web3Auth?

For step-by-step instructions on adding Farcaster to your Web3Auth setup, check out our guide in the documentation.

I have a feature suggestion for a Web3Auth integration with Farcaster, who can I talk to?

If you have suggestions for enhancing our Web3Auth integration with Farcaster, including feature requests related to Farcaster, Frames, or wallet authentication in the network, we'd love to hear from you. Please join our monthly community gathering to stay abreast of our latest developments or schedule a chat with our growth team.