KyberSwap Integrates Torus for Seamless and Intuitive User Onboarding

Kyber has integrated with the Torus wallet to provide new users with a familiar onboarding process. One of Ethereum’s most popular…
KyberSwap Integrates Torus for Seamless and Intuitive User Onboarding

Kyber has integrated with the Torus wallet to provide new users with a familiar onboarding process. One of Ethereum’s most popular decentralised exchanges, KyberSwap is an instrumental block of DeFi. The platform aggregates the liquidity of over 70 digital assets that allow for instant and secure token exchange.

KyberSwap’s non-custodial Limit Order lets users place orders to buy or sell tokens at their desired rates, without requiring any deposits or withdrawals. KyberSwap is also accessible via its Andriod app.

With the Torus integration, new users can create their wallet in a single step with their Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord or Twitch accounts, and connect their wallets with KyberSwap to start swapping their tokens immediately. Users are also able to top-up their wallets with digital currencies with their Credit and Debit cards through our integrated FIAT on-ramps like Moonpay and Wyre.

The integration between both technologies improves the accessibility and exposure to decentralised finance for both mainstream and new users, and we look forward to them experiencing DeFi for themselves.

Swap with Kyber in 3 Simple Steps

1. Log in and connect the Torus Wallet with KyberSwap

Select Torus from the option, and choose the preferred method of logging in. Users can choose to log in with their existing Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord or Twitch accounts.

Choose to connect with Torus
Log in with an existing Google (Gmail or GSuite), Facebook, Reddit, Discord or Twitch account

2. Select the tokens with which to conduct the swap with

Once the wallet is successfully connected, users can then select the tokens that they wish to conduct the swap with from KyberSwap’s pool of 70 other digital assets, including ETH, WETH, DAI, KNC, OMG and MANA.

Select the tokens that they wish to conduct the swap with

3. Confirm the swaps

Once the tokens to swap have been determined, the user would finally need to confirm their transaction across several screens, and the swap would be broadcast to the Ethereum blockchain.

Once the transaction is successful, the user would be able to see the details of their swap on the Etherscan link and view their newly swapped tokens in their wallet.

Topping Up Wallets

With Torus integrated, buying ETH can be accomplished in a few simple steps without having to leave KyberSwap.

Buy ETH from either MoonPay or Wyre

Users can top up their connected wallets with digital currencies through their Debit or Credit Cards, and Apple Pay.

1. Connect Wallet with KyberSwap

Users would first need to connect a wallet of their choice to KyberSwap.

2. Select Buy ETH

Once the successfully connected, users would then have to choose either MoonPay or Wyre as the FIAT on-ramp provider to buy their digital assets from.

3. Fill Up Payment and Billing Details

The user would then have to key in their billing and payment details to proceed with the secure payment.

Depending on the dollar value of digital assets that the user is planning to purchase, and the region from which they are purchasing from, they might need to go through a quick KYC process to purchase the tokens. The payment providers may also do a liveness check to ensure the legitimacy of the user and the transaction.

Once successful, the user should see their purchased digital assets arrive in their connected wallets!

Log in with Torus and Swap with Kyber to Earn Rewards (30th Mar — 6th Apr 2020)

To drive awareness and facilitate new users into the process, KyberSwap and Torus are teaming up to launch three campaigns concurrently from 30th March 2020 to 6th April 2020.

US$500 Torus Referral Campaign

New users who log into Torus to create their new wallets during this promotion period would stand a chance to win $500 worth of ETH.

Participants can increase their chances of winning by sending out their referral link and getting their friends to create their own Torus Wallet.

US$2,500 KyberSwap x Torus Launch Campaign

New users who connect their newly created Torus wallets with KyberSwap and conduct a swap of at least 0.2ETH will stand a chance to win US$500.

The first 400 users to do so will get a guaranteed US$5 transferred to their wallets at the end of the campaign.

Bonus: US$200 Retweet Campaign

10 lucky Twitter winners will win US$20 worth of Kyber Promo Tokens each!

  1. Follow KyberSwap ( and Torus (
  2. Retweet the pinned tweet.
  3. Tag 3 friends in the comments and hashtag #KyberTorus

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What is Torus?

Torus provides one-click logins for DApps through the user’s Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord or Twitch accounts in a single step, with no additional installations. With Torus, users can interact with Google emails, Reddit usernames and Discord IDs on the blockchain, regardless of whether the recipient has logged into Torus before.

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