Meet the Torus Winners of ETH New York 2019

The TorusTeam sent 4 members down to ETH New York 2019. Both our Co-Founders, Leonard and Zhen, as well as our senior developer, Oskar…
Meet the Torus Winners of ETH New York 2019
Torus Team at ETH New York 2019

Torus at ETH New York 2019

The Torus Team sent 4 members down to ETH New York 2019. Both our Co-Founders, Leonard and Zhen, our senior developer, Oskar, and our business development manager, Elisha were at New Labs to mingle with the hackers and conduct coding consultations. The event was abuzz with eager developers within the ecosystem, some of whom were still reeling from the hype they caught from New York Blockchain Week.

Torus Soft Launch

Torus launched our Open Beta on 18 May 2019, and we had a number of teams integrate Torus with their DApp at the hackathon. This initial launch provided us with valuable feedback from participants and developers. The community validation of our core concepts confirmed the projection of milestones that we are striving to achieve.

Hackathon Workshop: Making DApps Accessible to the Masses with Torus

Leonard and Zhen conducted the workshop to hackers who were curious about developing an intuitive and seamless user login experience. Our core developers ran troubleshoots on builds and aided in improving user flows for teams. Through the workshop, we acknowledged a growing interest in making Torus more customizable for developers, which is an endeavour that we’re building towards. Our goal is for Torus to be pragmatic for both developers and mainstream users.

Torus API Prize Winners

Torus offered API prizes to teams who integrated Torus Logins in the spirit of building a friendlier ecosystem for mainstream audiences. We had an exciting round of judging all the DApps that integrated Torus in their submissions. We were thoroughly impressed by the quality of builds developed just within the few short days of the hackathon. The competition was narrowed down to 4 outstanding teams who qualified for our API prizes, two of them were ETH New York 2019 Finalists!

And the winners are…

Team Defisurance

Grand Prize for the Best DApp that Incorporated Torus as a Login Mechanism: Defisurance

An ETH New York 2019 Finalist, Defisurance impressed us with their beautiful working DApp. Their DApp allows the stakeholders of decentralised financial protocols to buy insurance for the funds held those protocols. With the cyber-security risks affiliated to these protocols, providing insurance for the funds stored on them would ease potential users into using defi-protocols with greater confidence.

With their Torus login integration, the process is simplified further and caters an audience that may not necessarily be familiar with cryptocurrency transactions. We hope to see more users using their DApp as the team continues to polish their project.

Team exeDAO

DApp that Displayed the Most Innovative Use of Torus: exeDAO

Another ETH New York 2019 Finalist and crowd favourite, exeDAO developed a dynamic decentralised autonomous organization that allowed secure executions of arbitrary bytecode once the necessary threshold of signatories has been met. This development would allow DAO communities to execute new bytecode and improve their contracts, paving the way for improved governance within decentralised ecosystems.

Using Torus to sign the execution approvals would hopefully reduce the barriers to voting and establish actively involved decentralised communities.

Team Frappe

DApp that Fulfilled an Industry Need whilst using Torus as the Login Mechanism: Frappe

The developers of Frappe are core members of a fascinating start-up, Affogato. They have been working to help better distribute income along the coffee value chain, especially amongst coffee farmers who are at the core of the value chain.

Working closely with coffee farmers allowed the developers to empathize with coffee farmers and solve a real industry need. Improving the income earned by coffee farmers would benefit the entire value chain, as they improve their ability to invest in modern machinery to improve both quality and output.

We find Torus perfect for Frappe as we expect their potential user-base to be new to the decentralised ecosystem and unfamiliar with blockchain wallets. The build developed by Frapped is slated to be integrated with their main application and we look forward to their release.

Team Slice of DAO

DApp with the Most Seamless and Intuitive User Onboarding: Slice of DAO

Slice of DAO addresses an important industry issue faced by startups similar to ours. They issue tokens with a fair and transparent method by tracking both money and effort contributions towards a project or company. Slicing Pie is a useful tool for assigning equity and aligning employees towards a common company goal. With Slice of DAO, users are able to hop on the DApp and start their company contract immediately.

We enjoyed the simple onboarding and look forward to further developments on this project. Users can try out their DApp here!

To all the teams and winners that integrated Torus at ETH New York 2019, you will forever have the gratitude of the Torus team for believing that together, we can build Web 3.0 to be as accessible as Web 2.0.

Upcoming Events for Torus

While this short hackathon was able to churn out many impressive DApps, we are working towards hosting a longer hackathon to give developers more time to refine their builds and hopefully make a viable DApp for real users, stay tuned to Torus Labs for more updates on this!

Our 2019 Season Partnership with ETH Global would have the team heading to Banglore for ETH India in August 2019. We are excited to see more talented engineers develop their DApps and integrate Torus for their users to log in with.

Now, you can make your DApp easily accessible to a wide range of audiences by integrating Torus with our simple documentation.

If you love building useful DApps and would want to be a part of our dynamic team, please submit your interest at our careers page.