Multiple Logins with Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and Discord

Login with Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and Discord
Multiple Logins with Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and Discord

Login with Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and Discord

The latest released version of Torus allows users to log on with their Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, or Discord accounts in a single step to start interacting with DApps and the Ethereum blockchain. Users curious to test the live wallet can do so at

Login to Torus with Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch or Discord

With the name resolver, users are also able to transfer ETH and ERC20 tokens to any Ethereum Wallet address, Gmail or GSuite Email accounts, Reddit ID, and Discord ID, regardless of whether the recipient has logged into Torus before. This simplifies the process to what users are used to on personal mobile wallets, where they can transfer funds to mobile numbers. Users can now transfer tokens to recognizable email addresses and usernames instead of having to spell out long strings of alphanumeric characters.

Logging into Torus is exactly the same process for both new and returning users.

Transfer ETH to any Ethereum Wallet Address, Gmail or GSuite Email Accounts, Reddit ID, and Discord ID

Users transferring tokens to Gmail or GSuite email accounts would have to ensure that the emails they are transferring to are not redirects.

Users transferring tokens to Discord IDs need to make sure that they enter the correct Discord ID, not their Discord username.

Enable Developer Mode in Discord to get your Discord ID

To find the Discord ID, users would need to enable Developer Mode in the Discord application, followed by right-clicking on their own user in any chat and select “Copy ID”.

Better User Experience for Mainstream Audiences

The latest features that Torus provides simplifies the learning curve for new users looking to explore the decentralised ecosystem. They will not need to jump through complicated hoops and use process flows that they are already used to.

We are currently working on linking multiple logins where users would be able to link different logins like Google, Facebook and Twitch to one public and private key pair. This would allow users to have incremental layers of security based on how complex they want to it. When linked, users would have to authenticate with the linked accounts in order to access their wallet.

DApp developers looking to integrate our seamless login process with multiple authenticators can do so quickly within an hour through integrating a simple javascript tag or installing an NPM package, check out our documentation here.

Our team is constantly improving our solution while keeping processes simple for mainstream audiences. Stay tuned for more upgrades to Torus!

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