Introducing NFT Services : Streamlining NFT Purchases, Making it User Friendly and Easy to Integrate

Introducing NFT Services : Streamlining NFT Purchases, Making it User Friendly and Easy to Integrate

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Today we are announcing the launch of NFT Services, our latest product to simplify the end-to-end NFT transaction process.

NFT Services removes the biggest barriers for customers and users in owning NFTs, and one of them being the need to convert fiat currency into native tokens before they are able to acquire the NFT. This process often involves multiple steps and incurs additional fees. With NFT Services, we've eliminated this complexity in the payment flow, plus more. 

Benefits and Features 

The advantages of NFT Checkout don’t just end with users; it also presents features that will make NFT drops better and easier for creators and developers:

  • Minting at Scale: By handling scalability on our platform, we can enable batch transactions for multiple orders, significantly reducing transactional delays at critical times.
  • Gasless Transactions: Your users can directly buy NFTs with fiat like in any web2 marketplace, without needing to find gas tokens to pay for the transaction. This simplifies the minting process, making it accessible to users of all experience levels.
  • Customizable to Your Brand:  You have the option to use our pre-built UI screens and whitelabel them to suit your brand, or build from scratch entirely. You can also just simply redirect your users to Web3Auth’s payment gateway.
  • Covers Popular NFT Types: We support both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens on all EVM chains. Now,  your users can buy multiple NFTs in a single transaction. 
  • Checkout Without Wallet: For digital marketplaces, buying an NFT will not require your users to pre-own a wallet. They can cart out with a credit card and a wallet will be automatically created for them.
  • Email delivery: For users new to cryptocurrency wallets, we offer the option to deliver purchased NFTs directly to email addresses, allowing them to mint and manage it when they’re ready. This feature is especially useful for event drops and loyalty rewards for customers. 

All these features make checkouts so much easier for your customers, leading to significantly higher conversion rates. 

Embrace the Future of Digital Assets

Whether you're an artist exploring the world of NFTs or a brand seeking to utilize the advantages of on-chain digital assets, NFT Services empowers you to engage with a wider audience effortlessly. 

Some fantastic use cases include:

Brand Experiences

NFT Services enable you to craft exclusive brand experiences and deepen customer relationships. For instance, integrating NFT Services into your loyalty program simplifies the reward distribution process. You can easily airdrop NFT rewards directly to users' email addresses.

Event Ticketing and Soulbound Token Gated Experiences

NFT Services offer a streamlined solution for ticketing and commemorative memorabilia. During events, real-time and gasless minting and delivery of NFTs enable instant engagement with attendees. Whether it's exclusive content drops, virtual meet-and-greets with artists, or redeemable tokens for event perks, NFT Services enhance the interactive and immersive nature of any event experience. 

NFT Collections

NFT Services empower creators and brands by simplifying the minting, buying and trading process. Brands can leverage our platform's batch minting capabilities for large-scale NFT releases. This flexibility accommodates various types of NFTs, including ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, across EVM chains, ensuring compatibility and reach. You can also configure royalties and secondary market trading capabilities.

Experience our NFT Service at work in the demo here. And if you are interested in integrating it for your project, schedule a call with us!