Torus4Everyone 2019

Be a part of Torus Labs’ inaugural online hackathon and build the next big DApp for mainstream audiences to win US$10,000 worth of prizes.
Torus4Everyone 2019

Be a part of Torus Labs’ inaugural online hackathon and build the next big DApp for mainstream audiences to win US$10,000 worth of prizes.

This year, we became 2019 Season Partners of ETH Global, and have sponsored several Ethereum and blockchain in-person hackathons across the globe. Throughout these hackathons, we have seen many impressive projects built within the short span of a weekend by some of the brightest developers in the industry.

We want to give more developers across the world the time and resources to further develop their ideas and build a viable product for commercial use. Open to all Ethereum DApps, developers can submit existing projects or craft entirely new DApps as long as they meet the basic requirements of integrating Torus for their login process.

Torus is the first key for mainstream users, where users new to the ecosystem can create their own blockchain wallet with their Google/Gmail/G Suite account login and start interacting with the blockchain within a few seconds. Intuitive for the general audience who are used to log into iOS and Android applications with their Social Authenticators.

Our improved user flow removes the need for cumbersome mnemonics memorization and password management to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

In the spirit of onboarding more mainstream users into the decentralised ecosystem, we hope to see projects that provide users with the utility and tangible reasons to keep coming back to the ecosystem.


We are looking for amazing projects and have enlisted our esteemed partners to sit as judges to determine the winners for this hackathon.

Christy Choi, Director, Binance Labs
Zach Segal, Head of Listings, Coinbase
Ash Egan, Principal, Accomplice VC
Jaynti Kanani, Co-Founder, CEO, Matic
Harrison Hines, Co-Founder, Terminal Argonautic Ventures
Ng Yi Ming, Partner, Trive VC
Aniket Jindal, Co-Founder, Biconomy
Yong Zhen Yu, Co-Founder, Torus Labs
Leonard Tan, Co-Founder, Torus Labs
Chaitanya Potti, Senior Software Developer, Torus Labs
Sinlin Yeo, UX Designer, Torus Labs
Carlos Lastres, UX Designer, Torus Labs

You, Our Community.
Out of all our prizes, we have allocated a prize of US$1,000 worth of ETH for the community’s favourite project. Anyone would be able to vote for their favourite projects on Devpost and across social media from the 1st to 11th of October 2019.


Teams are required to submit a demo video featuring their project, post the video on YouTube with the hashtag #torus4everyone2019, a link to test out their demo and a link to their codebase (for sections that can be made available to the public).

Projects will be judged on their technical functionality and implementation, creativity, overall user experience, potential impact and presentation of their idea.


Torus4Everyone 2019 is open to everyone outside of Torus Labs Private Limited, as long as their governing jurisdictions do not restrict their participation in online hackathons/coding competitions.

Register Now

Registrations are now open and teams have until the 30th of September 2019 to submit their projects to Judging will take place from 1–11 October and Prize winners will be announced on 15 October 2019.

So grab your friends and starting #BUIDLing the next big DApp for the decentralised ecosystem!

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