Treasure Chess and the 100,000+ Web3Auth wallets we built together

More than 100,000 Web3 wallets are now in existence, after Keyp integrated with us on Web3Auth for its gaming application — Treasure Chess.
Treasure Chess and the 100,000+ Web3Auth wallets we built together

“There are more possible games in Chess than there are atoms in the universe.”

A line from the website copy of Treasure Chess (previously Nifty Chess).

Well, Chess really is a beautiful game of art indeed, like the website phrases it. The team wanted to go out of the way to truly reward chess lovers, and they looked towards non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Today, more than 100,000 chess lovers have signed up and created their Web3 wallets on Treasure Chess with their existing credentials.

“Thanks to Web3Auth and the other parts of the Keyp onboarding stack, more than 14% of users who log in with their existing social accounts, end up creating or buying NFTs in the game,”
says Joseph Schiarizzi, CEO and Cofounder of the Keyp app which powers the Treasure Chess SSO experience.

This basically means that more than 100,000 Web3 wallets are now in existence, after Keyp integrated with us on Web3Auth. What went behind the scenes is not simple as we make it sound in a single sentence.

Chess meets Web3

When the Treasure Chess team built the first version of their Web3 Chess application, it required a Metamask wallet. They wanted to take this artful game to anyone and everyone on the internet, and also offer NFTs at the same time.

However, they simply could not expect native Web2 users to register on Metamask for a wallet, to be able to play chess on the platform. Users typically signed in with their existing accounts, which they are already familiar with. Power users would naturally know that they are getting a wallet, but normal users simply did not need to. The logical thesis is that most users would want to first try out an application or game, before deciding if they really want to get into it.

But if it took over 30 minutes to only register and login, it begs a very fundamental question —

Why would new users join Crypto out of the blue, only to try out a Web3-powered Chess game?

Treasure Chess asked themselves this very question.

Integration with Web3Auth

Before Treasure Chess developed the Keyp onboarding stack, it required more than 30 minutes to set up a wallet just to play something as simple as Chess. And of course, the pain of having to remember or store a seed-phrase that is as long as 12 to 24 words in it. This was a plethora of red flags when it came to user experience, and onboarding new users was evidently far from seamless.

The Treasure Chess team saw an opportunity to create something powerful that would connect players to a marketplace without requiring them to deal with all of the difficulties that Web3 onboarding had in place so far.

In the spirit of creating something accessible, safe and intuitive, the team started to work on a way to circumvent the Metamask requirement. Once they developed a stack for users to sign in with their credentials, whether or not a player was a Crypto power user didn’t matter because their wallet and treasures were tied to their account.

Joseph Schiarizzi, CEO and Cofounder of Keyp says, “This is where it was important that we combined Web3Auth with fiat on-ramps. combining web3auth with fiat onramps was important to us. We started building with Torus Labs and then Web3Auth in early 2021 when it became obvious that we needed a better wallet to onboard normal people and give them access to our apps.”

Joseph further says that working with Web3Auth has helped them unlock an entirely new world of Crypto-powered apps and games — which includes compelling use-cases with a UX that is accessible to a broader audience.

The team was able to add social logins such as Twitter, Discord, and Gmail, and also extend Web3Auth’s tools to allow logins with any 0Auth provider like, Epic Games, and GitHub.

Joseph adds, “Web3Auth is a cornerstone of creating apps for crypto which would feel like they are already very familiar. Keyp has combined social logins with gasless transactions, fiat on-ramp aggregation, 2FA protection and more, to make onboarding for games and apps easy enough for the average internet user.
We are meeting users where they are, with the experiences they want and deserve.”

If you are looking for a similar integration to offer a seamless onboarding user experience for your wallet or platform, we are here for you!

Schedule a call with the Web3Auth team and we will be sure to get back at the earliest.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is a seedphrase?

A seedphrase is a sequence of 12 to 24 words, typically, generated by a web3 wallet or a browser extension, that serves as a human-readable representation of private keys associated with a crypto wallet. By generating a seed phrase, users can recover their wallet and access their funds even if their original wallet is lost, stolen, or corrupted. It goes without saying that it is crucial to keep the seed phrase secure and not share it with anyone else.