Upgrade to Our Latest Package Version v1.0.0

We have just released the latest version of Torus, v1.0.0
Upgrade to Our Latest Package Version v1.0.0

Upgrade to Our Latest Package Version 1.1.1

With our launch, we have just released the latest version of Torus, v1.1.1!

Developers who have previously integrated Torus with their DApp should update to the latest version of Torus for optimal stability and compatibility.

Torus versions 0.2.11 and below will be deprecated and will no longer be supported. Updating to the latest version of Torus would only be required for versions 0.2.12–0.2.13. Developers on 0.2.14 do not need to upgrade.

Update to the Latest Version of Torus in 5 Minutes

Updating to the latest version of Torus takes no more than 5 minutes via our NPM package.

This module generates the javascript to include in a DApp via a script tag. It creates an iframe that loads the Torus…

Developers can also update to the latest version of Torus with the following script tag:

Upgrades and New Features

We are focused on optimizing the stability of Torus to maximize the experience of our users. Coupled with thorough quality assurance tests, our engineers are improving the scalability and compatibility of our systems.

Dark Mode Everywhere!

Now by default, when the user logs in and changes to the dark theme, it will be reflected on all pages viewed by the same user, including the login page as well as the logout pages.

In-Page Provider

The in-page provider has been upgraded to the latest specifications of EIP1193 to improve the compatibility with Metamask.

Torus Embed Button

DApps are now able to hide the Torus Embed button correctly should they choose to develop their own native integration of the Torus login. Developers can hide the default Torus button from the user with the following code:torus.hideTorusButton();

Upfront Validation for Payment Providers

DApps are now able to get Validations directly from the payment providers based on the limits set by the payment provider. The validations set will warn users who are using our Integrated FIAT On-Ramp Providers if they entered a number range beyond the sanctioned limited.

Top-Up to Addresses Specified by the User

In previous versions, users could only use our Integrated FIAT On-Ramp Providers to add token funds to their Torus Wallet where they initiated the transaction from. From this version onwards, users are able to specify the ETH address other than their Torus Wallet to top-up with tokens.

Torus Wallet QA Checklist

Prior to the release of this version, our team conducted a thorough quality check of all the functionalities within Torus to ensure the best user experience for everyone. In this version, we found some bugs while using Torus with the Firefox browser, and in the process of fixing these bugs for the next update.

Developers and users using Torus are welcomed to submit uncaught bugs to our Developer Support Telegram Group for immediate attention and remedy.

The Torus QA Checklist can be viewed at http://bit.ly/torusQA

Join our Developer Telegram Group

We have also recently launched our developer telegram group to keep developers up to date with key features and functionalities, as well as to provide engineering support for developers integrating Torus.

Here developers are able to submit uncaught bugs and make developmental requests from our team.

The group follows a strict no-spam policy, and we promise not to flood the group chat with unnecessary clutter. Join our Developer Group for updates and serious discussions on the best practices in integrating Torus!

Torus Developer Group
Official Torus Developer GroupWe will be posting updates and fixes for developers who have integrated Torus with their…

Integrate Torus with Your DApp Today

Integrating Torus is simple and fast across all DApps. Get started now to give your userbase an onboarding process that they are familiar with. Head over to our documentation page to learn more.

This document serves primarily as a guide to Torus, and not as a technical specification. It may become outdated. For…