Upgrade your Torus Wallet with OpenLogin

We just released OpenLogin across all our platforms (read the announcement here), including Torus Wallet! Our Torus Wallet users can now…
Upgrade your Torus Wallet with OpenLogin

We just released OpenLogin across all our platforms (read the announcement here), including Torus Wallet! Our Torus Wallet users can now enjoy seamless Face/TouchID authentication that OpenLogin brings, coupled with the advanced security features powered by the Torus Key Infrastructure.

Users would still be able to access their old wallets, as well as their newly created OpenLogin wallets within the same account. However, when interacting with dapps, users would need a few additional steps to ensure that they are using their intended wallet to interact with the dapps that they are accessing.

What Has Changed: Fast Login

With the OpenLogin upgrade, previous tKey wallets will be migrated to OpenLogin wallets. Old tKey shares/factors stored on devices will be upgraded to now be secured behind the device’s native biometric token with OpenLogin. Users can make the upgrade by following the steps shown within the guide modal.

Migrate tKey Wallets to OpenLogin with the modal guides

If the user has biometric scanners installed on their device, they would be able to register their device factor with their biometric authentication, which would give them access to Fast Login.

Once Fast Login has been set up, subsequent logins into Torus Wallet would just require a Touch/FaceID scan from the user to gain access to their wallets.

Setting Your Default Wallet

With OpenLogin, users now have access to both their OpenLogin wallet as well as their basic Torus Wallet tied to their method of authentication (Google, Facebook, Discord, Passwordless etc.). They have a choice of selecting which wallet they intend to use to interact with dapps.

Setting your Default Wallet within https://app.tor.us/

To select the wallet that you wish to interact with dapps:

  1. Log in to your Torus Wallet at https://app.tor.us/
  2. Go to the Settings Tab
  3. Select your Default Wallet from the Account Management Section

The selected Default wallet would be the wallet that would be used to interact with dapps when logging in to the same account, from here onwards, you would be able to log into dapps with your Torus Wallet through OpenLogin or your preferred mode of authentication.

Using an Older Version of Torus Wallet

For users who have difficulty logging into their OpenLogin accounts, and wish to access an older version of the Torus Wallet to access their old Torus accounts, they can log in at https://app.tor.us/v1.9.19/.

How Keys are Secured: Torus Key Infrastructure

The underlying technology securing the user’s keys remains unchanged and is still powered by the Torus Key Infrastructure.

TKI is a model of threshold key management that solves the trilemma without sacrificing user experience while retaining end-user autonomy and security. The model implements the Shamir Secret Shares (SSS) scheme using the user’s device, private input, and wallet service provider. The user’s private key is split into multiple factors, and these split factors are used to reconstruct the original encrypted secret key.

Like 2FA systems, as long as the user has access to 2 out of 3 of their factors, they will be able to retrieve their private key and gain access to the wallet.

The user’s private key is split into multiple factors

1. User Device Factor: Implementation is device and system-specific. With OpenLogin, the factor is secured via biometrics within the device’s secure enclave.

Further decentralizing the social login, this corresponding “share” is split into sub-shares

2. Social Login Factor: This factor is kept and managed by a login provider via their own authentication. With Torus, this factor is further split via a distributed key generation protocol and kept on large ecosystem stakeholders to secure your factor further, retrievable via OAuth logins. Click here to learn how Torus works.

3. Recovery Factor: This is based on user input (e.g., password, security. questions, hardware device, etc.).

As long as the user has any 2 of their factors, they will gain access to their wallet.

Reach Out to Us

Should you have any questions with regards to using your Torus Wallet, join our Telegram group at https://t.me/TorusLabs and reach out to any of our admins with the “Torus Team” tag, and our team would be happy to assist you.