Accelerating Blockchain Adoption Amongst Mainstream Users with Skyweaver

Discover how Sequence Wallet simplifies onboarding with Web3Auth, providing a seamless and familiar experience for users diving into the world of decentralized finance.
Accelerating Blockchain Adoption Amongst Mainstream Users with Skyweaver

Skyweaver — A Truly Immersive Game on the Blockchain

Skyweaver’s launch brings an extremely well crafted and beautifully designed Trading NFT Game to the Ethereum blockchain. Built on Polygon’s L2, players can expect exhilarating gameplay and build up their decks as seamlessly as any other AAA Game titles currently out in the market. The majority of blockchain jargon is abstracted away from mainstream users, and they are only introduced to NFT marketplaces when they are looking to trade their earned assets.

The game was years in the making, with over a year spent in meticulous beta testing, and for good reason. Horizon Blockchain Games, the team behind this masterpiece, wanted to ensure the best user experience for their players once they dived into Skyweaver’s enchanting universe. ​​To realise that vision, Horizon discovered Web3Auth and integrated the key management solution as one of the signing keys of the Sequence Multi-Key Wallet used by Skyweaver players. The combination of Web3Auth and Sequence’s Multi-Key Wallet gives players the best user experience, security and access control to their wallets.

Web3Auth Made User Onboarding Ridiculously Simple

“We onboard users via the Sequence Smart Wallet, a multi-key Web3 wallet that feels like Web2. Web3Auth’s Distributed Key Generation (DKG) powers the social login as one of those keys to make the login experience feel easy and familiar.”
— Peter Kieltyka, Chief Architect, Horizon Blockchain Games

Powered by Web3Auth, Sequence Wallet is able to provide familiar email passwordless or social logins via Google, Facebook, Discord, Twitch or AppleID to their user base. This greatly reduces user onboarding time, decreases support tickets needed to solve the confusion and lets users plunge straight into playing Skyweaver.

Don’t Lose Out on Users Because of Poor UX

The Sequence Wallet built on top of Web3Auth is one of our many clients that have incorporated user-friendly onboarding flows to accelerate blockchain adoption within mainstream audiences with reduced friction and gentler learning curves. Curious minds aligned with our vision can reach out to Web3Auth and explore the tools we have built to onboard the next billion users into decentralised ecosystems.