Build with Web3Auth and earn US$5000 AWS Activate Credits

Web3Auth is partnering with AWS to offer AWS credits to eligible startups to help them kickstart their product launches! Learn how your company can benefit from one of our programs here.
Build with Web3Auth and earn US$5000 AWS Activate Credits

Web3Auth is delighted to partner with AWS to help Web3 startups kickstart their project and reach an operationally ready stage to take on real users. AWS would be offering $5,000 in AWS Activate Credits to eligible projects building on Web3Auth.

There are 3 ways to qualify for the credits awarded by AWS:

  1. Web3Auth Enterprise clients
    1. Sign up for an Enterprise plan, you can schedule a call with our team here.
    2. Apply for the credits here with the OrgID shown on your Web3Auth dashboard.
  2. Integrate SafeAuth on mainnet
    1. Create a SafeAuth project on the Web3Auth dashboard.
    2. Integrate SafeAuth and launch the project on mainnet.
    3. Fill up this form.
    4. We will follow up with the next steps to claim the credits via email.
  3. Startups that have qualified for the Web3Auth Bootstrapping Program
    1. Apply for the Web3Auth Bootstrapping Program here.
    2. Projects would need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Web3Auth Bootstrapping Program:
      1. Build on Web3Auth.
      2. Have a fully-functioning company website.
      3. Founded in the past 1 year.
      4. Must be either bootstrapped or within the pre-seed funding stage.
    3. Upon approval, we will follow up with the next steps to claim the credits via email.

Companies approved for the Web3Auth Bootstrapping Program would be expected to conduct co-marketing activities with Web3Auth.

Companies looking to receive AWS credits should meet the following overall eligibility criteria:

  • Must be Series A or earlier. Startups can be unfunded or funded, up to and including pre-seed, angel, seed, debt finance, and series A only. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant credits to non-startups (e.g. SMBs, side projects, individual developers) or post-series A startups.
  • Must be founded within the last 10 years. Startups that were founded more than 10 years ago are not eligible for Activate.
  • Must have an active AWS account. If a startup does not yet have an AWS account, they can open one for free here
  • Must have an Organization ID (OrgID). Each of our Activate Providers receives a unique, case-sensitive OrgID. Startups affiliated with your organization must include your OrgID on their application. Your OrgID can be found on your Activate welcome email.
  • Must have a functioning website. Startups must have a functioning website. "Coming soon" websites are not permissible.
  • Must not have received $100,000 USD in AWS credits. The lifetime maximum amount of AWS credits from Activate is $100,000 USD. Startups that have already received the maximum amount are not eligible. Received includes credits issued but not spent.