Announcing SafeAuth: Interoperable AA Wallets through Social Logins

SafeAuth pioneers a revolutionary approach to account abstraction by making smart accounts portable and not just siloed within an application– providing them access to a whole universe of dApps.
Announcing SafeAuth: Interoperable AA Wallets through Social Logins

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We are thrilled to announce that Web3Auth has partnered with Safe to create SafeAuth- an elegantly simple development kit that will allows users to set up a Safe smart account for all dApps, under one convenient social login.

SafeAuth pioneers a revolutionary approach to account abstraction by making smart accounts portable and not just siloed within an application– providing them access to a whole universe of dApps.

Furthermore, SafeAuth enhances the user experience by simplifying the crypto onboarding process, making it user-friendly even for those unfamiliar with web3. Connecting their social account to the dApp creates them a unique self-custodial address that they fully own, without the complexities of remembering and keeping seed phrases. 

It’s practically the single-sign on (SSO) of web2: sign in once with your email or social media account and you get access to all the dApps that’s on the Safe ecosystem. 

SafeAuth Mockup Account Abstraction Wallet

SafeAuth = Safe + Web3Auth

SafeAuth is the newest addition to Safe’s modular account infrastructure. And with a plug-and-play type of SDK, it simplifies the process of building with ERC-4337 (also known as Account Abstraction) and makes its features easy to implement for developers.

Aside from the usual account abstraction (AA) functions like gas sponsorships and transaction bundling, SafeAuth will offer the first truly portable smart accounts that can be used across different dApps like Uniswap, Curve, Lido, and many more.

Bringing Accessible Smart Accounts to Millions

We are thrilled to be partnering with Safe to power Smart Account wallet creation via seamless social logins. The real game-changer is the interoperability SafeAuth brings, allowing existing and future dApps to interact more fluidly than ever before.

Yong Zhen Yu, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Web3Auth

How to make AA better? Turns out the answer is in allowing people to interface with a user flow so familiar that the wallet creation and signing process is barely noticeable. SafeAuth enables the users to automatically create and manage smart accounts using their social logins. It can onboard both web3 natives and mainstream users all while securing the wallets with Web3Auth’s MPC.

Why You Should Integrate SafeAuth

By integrating Web3Auth's innovative social login technology with Safe's pioneering account abstraction, we're elevating the crypto experience, significantly enhancing user convenience. This partnership marks an important step in our journey towards an accessible, interoperable and portable blockchain ecosystem ready to serve millions of users worldwide.

– Tobias Schubotz, Co-founder and Product Lead at Safe
Users will have the same address across different dApps and chains

This is a huge step forward. Unlike many other AA wallets, the addresses generated by SafeAuth is deterministic across dApps and chains such as Polygon, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain. This means that the users’ wallets are now portable and not just dApp-specific. 

Web3Auth’s unique MPC solution allows addresses to be created deterministically, while Safe’s modular infrastructure ensures compatibility and fluidity across a wide range of applications. With two powerful tools joining together, users are now able to use just one smart account across the entire ecosystem.

Tap into users of 190+ dApps within Safe’s ecosystem

Protocols can turbo charge their growth by accessing a pre-qualified community of already active web3 users in the Safe ecosystem. Because SafeAuth is fully compatible with Safe {Wallet}, it becomes an easy, low-effort way to get dApps to their target demographic in no time.

Safe Ecosystem Dapps
Users will never lose their keys again with MFA-enabled AA wallets

Users can manage their self-custodial smart account by logging into their socials and add an extra layer of protection with options like passwords, SMS, and more. Web3Auth powers this flexible multi-factor authentication (MFA) options, all of them secured by the same enterprise-grade key management infrastructure.

Multi-Party Computation (MPC) ensures that user keys are kept safe because they are encrypted into parts and are computed trustlessly in a distributed manner.

Sleep soundly with a future-proof smart account infrastructure

SafeAuth is built on Safe’s battle-tested infrastructure, so the users’ smart accounts will get the support, standard upgrades, and access to the growing ecosystem of the platform. With its modular approach, protocols will also have the option to add more wallet modules in the future, or build more features as the need arises.

New Safe{Core} AA SDK addition: SafeAuth 🎉

In partnership with @Web3Auth, we are pleased to introduce SafeAuth!

Harness the power of portable Smart Accounts through a single social login. Accessible. Interoperable. Portable.

🗞️ Read all about it:— Safe (prev. Gnosis Safe) (@safe) December 5, 2023

How to Get Started

To start integrating with SafeAuth, you can:

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