Solana and Web3Auth Team Up to Organize an Unforgettable 6 Day Hacker House

The Solana x Web3Auth Hacker House world tour turned out to be a massive success paving the way for more such global collaborations for…
Solana and Web3Auth Team Up to Organize an Unforgettable 6 Day Hacker House

The Solana x Web3Auth Hacker House world tour turned out to be a massive success paving the way for more such global collaborations for both parties.

What is the Solana Hacker House?

The Solana Hacker House world tour is a series of events around the globe where developers building on Solana can build, find collaborators, and learn from some of the greats in the Solana ecosystem. Participants will have all the essentials: good WiFi, food, power, and (of course) swags.

Solana — Web3Auth Partnership — a Quick History

Web3Auth and Solana share a close partnership dating back to 2020 which more recently resulted in the launch of the Solana Torus Wallet and Web3Auth committing 100% support to all Solana developers. The partnership took a deeper turn with Web3Auth’s commitment to co-headline 4 Hacker Houses with Solana — the first of which commenced in Singapore between February 15th — 20th.

Singapore Hacker House — A closed-door event for 200 curious developers

Participants were welcomed with exclusive Web3Auth swags

The event was hosted at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center overseeing the beautiful Marina Bay in Singapore. Given Singapore’s stringent Covid protocol, the Hacker House was a closed-door gathering of only 200 individuals. These mostly included Developers, members from the investing fraternity, and of course senior team members from both the sponsors — Solana and Web3Auth. All of the participants had one thing in common — the urge to collectively contribute towards the development of Web3

A Galaxy of Star Speakers graced the stage

The Hacker House saw a galaxy of speakers grace the stage to offer valuable insights, fascinating demos, and intriguing panel discussions.

On Day 1, Our Head of Engineering Chaitanya Potti(Chai) spoke about how Solana Developers can eliminate the need for seed phrases while onboarding users into their dApps or wallets. The developers were pleasantly surprised to know that they could increase user conversion on their dApps by up to 64% with our solution.

On Day 4, our Sr Software Engineer conducted a workshop on how Solana Developers can leverage the power of the Solana Torus Wallet while building their dApp or wallet. The talk was received with much intrigue and interest which also invited many curious questions from the audience.

On the final day, Web3Auth talks culminated with Chai and Shubham doing a panel discussion along with moderator Tristan, founder of Zeta finance. The discussion revolved around “UX, Wallets, and the future of Web3Auth“.

Web3Auth won Developers with their state-of-the-art auth infrastructure
True to the spirit of the Hacker House, the Web3Auth team forged many collaborations through the 6-day event. Various developers discovered the ease of onboarding Web3Auth’s Plug and Play SDK offered to their dApp and with every integration, Web3Auth moved closer towards their vision of making crypto accessible to the masses.

Here are a few examples of some integrations that happened during the Hacker House.

We are certain that the different partnerships and collaborations made during the Hacker House may result in bringing the next billion users into the Solana Blockchain.

The event culminated with Tom who leads Growth and Strategy at Solana thanking the participants and partners for making the event such a grand success and also shared what the future holds for Solana.

3 more events to go… Where to next?

The success of the inaugural Solana x Web3Auth Hacker House has paved the way for many more such collaborations. With 3 more Hacker Houses to co-headline in 2022, there is much anticipation around where the next Solana x Web3Auth Hacker House will be conducted.

The Web3Auth team would be headed to New York to take part in the Hacker House from 14–18 March 2022! So drop in your registrations at and drop by to meet us when you’re there!

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