Web3Auth at one of the World’s Largest Web3 Events — ETHDenver 2022

Web3Auth was at ETH Denver to forge partnerships, sponsor the Opening Party where we (literally) air-dropped NFTs, delivered talks, and…
Web3Auth at one of the World’s Largest Web3 Events — ETHDenver 2022

Web3Auth was at ETH Denver to forge partnerships, sponsor the Opening Party where we (literally) air-dropped NFTs, delivered talks, and also unveiled a dance!

What is ETHDenver and why does it matter?

ETHDenver is the largest and longest-running ETH Event in the world. Attended by the who’s who of the Crypto industry — particularly from within the Ethereum community, ETHDenver is hosted in the state of Colorado — a thriving hub of Ethereum and Blockchain innovation.

In the three years since we’ve been active as a Web3 company, this is the second time we had the opportunity to participate in this massive gathering of some of the brightest minds in the Web3 space. What better way to open our presence at ETHDenver than to become official sponsors of the Opening Party?

How Celebrations unfolded at the Opening Party

The Party was hosted at the Wings Over The Rockies Air and Aviation Museum spread across 44000 sq ft and housing over fifty iconic aircraft and the most realistic flight simulators.

Starting at 2:00 pm and going on till 2:00 am, the opening party hosted a slew of exciting talks and panel discussions with our own co-founder and CTO Leonard Tan featuring in a very insightful discussion around ”Interoperability, Scaling, and Blockchain Agnosticism”. Leonard also cited the example of Web3Auth whose pluggable SDK is blockchain agnostic which evoked a few pleasant surprises in the audience.

Later in the day, our co-founder and CEO Zhen Yu Yong also spoke about a popular topic — “How one can accelerate the adoption of Web3 Wallets and Applications”

The audience was surprised to know that with Web3Auth’s pluggable SDK, they could eliminate the need for using seed phrases in their dApps just in a few minutes.

The party got groovier with an interesting bunch of artists performing through the day(and night) to keep the energy rising in what was an already electrifying space. After having spent the day reaching out to many developers, it was time to put the good old phrase “Work hard party harder” into action. Team Web3Auth partied through the rest of the evening.

Web3Auth AirDrops Party NFTs

The highlight of the night was a blimp that circled above the event for 6 hours from which we airdropped specially designed physical NFTs. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Star-Studded Speaker Sessions

ETHDenver set the stage for some of the biggest names in Blockchain to come and share their priceless insights with the rest of the community. The galaxy of speakers included the founders of some of the biggest NFT marketplaces to the founders of giant L2 chains to senior members from the Ethereum Foundation and countless exciting developers from the ecosystem!

Having helped dApps such as Skyweaver, Rarible, and MyCrypto heroes increase user adoption, Zhen gave insights to the community on how they can scale up too by integrating Web3Auth’s state of the art Private Key management infrastructure.

However, it was Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum Foundation(with whom both our co-founders worked previously) who eventually stole the show for reasons both expected and unexpected.

When Vitalik wore the ETHDenver Mascot Buffi suit, little did he know he would end up as a meme to be shared by Elon Musk

Successful Partnerships and the Dance of success

The simplicity of Web3Auth attracted a lot of attention from the community and people from different quarters reached out to the team to know more about Web3Auth. Below is a snippet from Zhen’s interview with The Sapien Tribe.

Web3Auth also forged some promising partnerships at ETHDenver that will help onboard the next generation of users into Web3. You can expect formal announcements in the days to come.

Lastly, we would like to leave you with a sweet dance of success — presenting to you the official Web3Auth Dance that we unveiled for the first time.

About Web3Auth

Web3Auth, is a pluggable non-custodial infrastructure that enables Web3 wallets and applications to provide seamless user logins for both mainstream and Web3.0 users. By aggregating OAuth (Google, Twitter, Discord) logins, different wallets, and existing key management solutions, Web3Auth provides dApps/wallets with a familiar experience that fits every user.

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