Introducing Wallet Services: Your One-Stop, Full-Stack Wallet Development Suite

Today, we are unveiling Wallet Services, a full-stack wallet development suite to simplify web3 UX for builders.
Introducing Wallet Services: Your One-Stop, Full-Stack Wallet Development Suite

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Today, we are unveiling Wallet Services, a modular, full-stack wallet development suite to simplify web3 UX for builders. With Wallet Services, creating a secure and fully-functional embedded wallet setup becomes effortless. You can save months of development work, thanks to its pre-built and configurable templates that can be integrated with a few lines of code.

Along with Wallet Services, we are also bringing Pregenerated Wallets that allows you to engage, reward and retain users by airdropping digital assets directly to your users’ email and social accounts bypassing traditional signups. The best part? Users gain instant ownership of assets in non-custodial wallets as soon as they log into your dapp.

Now, enhancing your on-chain user experience to be as seamless and intuitive as any web2 application is easier than ever, all while maintaining enterprise-grade security, self-custody, and customizability.

"We saved months in development with Wallet Services. We were able to launch a fully functional Account Abstraction wallet under a tight timeline."

-Tyler Durden Head of Projects, Animoca Brands

What Exactly is Included with Wallet Services?

Wallet services is a toolkit of ready to deploy wallet UIs for commonly needed functionalities such as Display NFT/token, Send/receive token, Fiat on-ramps, WalletConnect flow, etc. Through Wallet Services, your development process will be streamlined, accelerating your go-to-market strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the tools:

1. Customizable Wallet UI Screens

Portfolio Display: Allow users to manage and view token balance and NFTs 

Send/receive assets and tokens: Allow users to send/ receive crypto assets 

Fiat on-ramp aggregator: Offer a low-cost and easily accessible interface to buy crypto through traditional gateways like credit cards, open banking, and local outlets. 

WalletConnect flow: Provide an intuitive way to transact in trusted decentralized applications without needing to leave your screen.

Customization: You can customize these screens and you are equipped with an intuitive wallet UI builder that will unlock the full functionality of Web3 while enabling high customizability to fit your brand identity.

These new wallet features rolled together makes for an unbeatable wallet experience– enabling the full user flow to happen within your dApp.

2. On-ramp Aggregator At Your Fingertips

Fiat-to-crypto via credit cards often suffers from exorbitant fees and high failure rates. Additionally the lack of local payment options further complicates the onboarding process. Especially in emerging markets where credit card penetration rate is below 30%, onramping through Visa and Mastercard rails results in at least 70% transaction failure rates.

Web3Auth’s on-ramp aggregator seamlessly connects high-performing local onramps, payment methods and KYC procedures, catering to users in over 190 countries, providing alternative payment methods that are familiar with users in particularly in regions like SouthEast Asia, India, Latin America amongst others. 

With just one simple integration, our aggregator supports over 35 fiat currencies and a wide array of local payment providers and open banking gateways. This includes Maya, BPI, UnionBank, GrabPay, ShopeePay, Cash, Pix, AstroPay, PSE, OB, CashApp, UPI, IMPS, FasterPayments, SEPA, PayTM, PhonePe, SPE, and VietQR, among others, enabling users to save up over 60% in onramp costs. 

3. Introducing Pregenerated Wallet API 

Pregenerated Wallets enable you to create user wallets using just an email, phone number, or social media details, bypassing traditional signup. Users can claim these wallets later, simplifying the onboarding process. With this API, you can send crypto assets– NFTs, token airdrops, refunds, you name it- to anyone even if they do not own a wallet or haven’t used web3 before.  This opens an easier way for event ticketing, artist fan engagement or retail businesses to reach out to their customer base with loyalty programs, membership tokens, digital collectibles, and discount airdrops. This also opens up opportunities for games that want to engage, reward and retain players. Wallet Services and Pregenerated Wallets is available for free for Web3Auth’s Scale and Enterprise customers. However, you can still try out these functionalities within the test environment if you are on Growth and Base plans.Curious to find out more about Wallet Services? You can: