Web3Auth's New Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

We are updating our pricing scheme this 2024 for the better, and it will cost you less. New, exciting features are also about to roll-out. Learn all the details in this post.
Web3Auth's New Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

Today, we're excited to announce updates to our pricing model and the introduction of new features, all designed to enhance your experience and provide greater value. These changes will come into effect from February 1st, 2024.

Simplified MAW definition and adjusted pricing:

One of the key changes we're implementing is the simplification of our Monthly Active Wallet (MAW) definition. Previously, 1 MAW was counted as up to 5 logins per unique wallet per month. We've listened to your feedback and decided to make things simpler. Now, unlimited logins per unique wallet will count as one MAW. This change means that the overall number of MAWs counted - and consequently, the cost - will be much lower for your project.

To align with our enhanced offerings, we've adjusted the pricing for additional MAWs across our plans:

  • Base Plan: Now at $0.050 per additional MAW beyond 1,000 MAWs
  • Growth Plan: Now at $0.045 per additional MAW beyond 3,000 MAWs
  • Scale Plan: Now at $0.040 per additional MAW beyond 10,000 MAWs

Despite these adjustments, the overall impact, when combined with the new MAW definition, is a more economical pricing structure for our users. We believe that by aligning our pricing with the value provided, we are ensuring that we can continue to offer high-quality services while keeping the overall costs lower for our users.

Plan prices remain the same

The monthly subscription pricing for each plan remains unchanged. Base is free, Growth is at $69/month, and Scale at $399/month. These plans still offer the same great features and benefits as before, now complemented by our improved pricing model.

How does this change impact me?

All these changes will be effective from February 1st, 2024. New subscribers will automatically be on this new pricing plan.

For our existing Growth and Scale plan subscribers, and teams with a production app on the Base plan, these changes will take effect from March 1st, 2024. If you are an existing Growth or Scale subscriber or a team on the base plan with a production app and you would like to immediately shift to the new pricing scheme, you can opt in advance by filling out this form. If, however, you would like to keep the current pricing plan until 29th February, no further action is required on your end.

Introducing Wallet Services and Pregenerated Wallets

We're excited to introduce Wallet Services, a toolkit of ready to deploy wallet UIs for commonly needed functionalities such as Display NFT/token, Send/receive token, Fiat on-ramps, Wallet-connect flow, etc. Through Wallet Services, your development process will be streamlined, accelerating your go-to-market strategy.

Pre-generated Wallets enable you to create user wallets using just an email, phone number, or social media details, bypassing traditional signup. Users can claim these wallets later, simplifying the onboarding process. 

Both Wallet Services and Pregenerated Wallets will be available for Scale plan and upwards, bringing even more value for the same subscription price.

We are excited to bring these new products to our users, and we hope you tune in for the full details on our announcement soon!


  • I am currently subscribed to the Growth/Scale plan or have a production app. What happens if I change my subscription plan before March 01 2024?
    • Switching your subscription will result in a transition to the updated pricing plan.
  • I've created an account on the Web3Auth dashboard. Since I'm currently in the process of integrating the product, I haven't selected a plan yet but I plan to launch my app soon. Could you clarify which pricing plan I will be enrolling in?
    • You may sign up for a subscription plan at any point. You will be automatically subscribed to the new pricing plan starting from February 01, 2024.
  • I’m on an enterprise plan, how will this affect me? 
    • If you're currently an enterprise plan subscriber, your pricing will remain unchanged. Should you wish to discuss adjustments to your enterprise pricing, feel free to reach out to our sales team.
  • How can I integrate wallet services and pregenerated wallets?
    • The documentation for integrating Wallet Services and Pregenerated Wallets will be available on February 1st. Please monitor our documentation and support forum for updates.