Event Recap: Web3Auth at India Blockchain Week 2023

We had an amazing time in Bangalore with crypto enthusiasts, builders, and old friends in the space. And now that India Blockchain Week (IBW) has concluded, we’d like to catch you up on interesting moments from the event.
Event Recap: Web3Auth at India Blockchain Week 2023

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  • We have launched SafeAuth, a product in collaboration with Safe(Gnosis) that allows users to manage smart accounts through their social logins.
  • $5000 in AWS Credits is now up for grabs for startups who integrate with Web3Auth and are bootstrapping their operations.
  • Get a chance to win US$5000 and a Nintendo Switch by filling out a short 5-minute survey about web3 user experience.
  • A huddle of builders in FILBangalore learned how to integrate portable AA wallets in a talk and workshop by Web3Auth
  • Zhen shared insights on the direction of AA, its practical use cases, and execution along with other web3 founders during various events in IBW week.

SafeAuth Launch and the Unconventional Cross of MPC and AA

India Blockchain Partners

We are thrilled to be the official Wallet Partner at IBW’23. Announcing our latest partnership with Safe - SafeAuth uses both Account Abstraction and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to create a wallet experience that is both secure, practical, and seamless for the user.

SafeAuth is an SDK that allows anyone to leverage Safe ecosystem’s existing user base. It makes AA wallets portable in any of the 190+ dApps within the ecosystem, therefore freeing the user’s assets from siloes and vendor lock-ins. 

Web3Auth’s MPC infrastructure powers the creation of deterministic addresses that made this level of interoperability possible, as well as the convenient management of these AA wallets through the user’s social logins.

IBW’23: The Role of Account Abstraction in Expanding User Adoption

Role of Account Abstraction in UX Web3Auth Biconomy Leap Wallet Halliday

All the cofounders of Web3Auth, Biconomy, Halliday, and Leap Wallet sat together in a panel to tackle the challenges with account abstraction (AA) and the interesting ways that it can be developed and used. 

It’s also important to be realistic on what is possible to build on… we are trying to create really practical use cases that people are willing to pay for.” – Yong Zhen Yu, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Web3Auth
Zhen IBW 2023 Account Abstraction

Zhen also stressed on the importance of developer experience and how it affects the industry in general:

“There’s definitely a huge support gap in web3 because of its interoperable nature. It ferments in a whole lot of different symptoms like all of the phishing attempts, all the bugs when you make one protocol interact with another. It’s a tough problem to solve, but I think our next installment is gonna solve it.”

$5000 Amazon Web Services credits to be given away

$5000 AWS Credits Web3Auth Booth

We also launched a bootstrapping programme in partnership with AWS. 

For startups who are ready to take it to the next stage and are integrating with Web3Auth, we are giving a grant worth $5000 in AWS Activate Credits to help kickoff your operations. The criteria for eligibility is as follows:

  1. Must have a fully-functioning company website
  2. Founded in the past 1 year
  3. Bootstrapped or pre-seed funding
  4. Willing to conduct co-marketing activities with Web3Auth

Stand a chance to win US$5000 + Nintendo Switch!

Web3 UI/UX Survey to Win Nintendo Switch

At Web3Auth, users are our priority, and our mission is to enhance your Web3 experiences. We're gathering user opinions on the current state of Web3 UX, aiming to comprehend collective on-chain experiences

To sweeten the deal, we are also giving $5000 worth of prizes in a lucky draw to all respondents and their referrals.

The data that we collected will be featured and published in an upcoming UX/UI report, and we hope you can be part of it!

Filecoin Talk and Workshop at FILBangalore 

Catch @ElishaJohn at #FILBangalore

Elisha is the COO at @Web3Auth - the simplest web3 wallet infrastructure ever, enabling wallet creation in seconds while keeping it secure, non-custodial & seed phase-free via MPC/AA.

🎟 Get your tickets: https://t.co/ZmichcQRR4 pic.twitter.com/6N4xpEA5QZ— Huddle01 (@huddle01com) November 29, 2023

FILBangalore has been a blast with various interesting talks and workshops that will level up the builders. 

FILBangalore Web3Auth Workshop and Talk


Elisha, our COO has shared some interesting insights about Web3Auth's infrastructure and how it is allowing for easy wallet creation while also unlocking portability in AA wallets like never before. Yash, our lead Dev Rel followed up with a workshop on how to integrate SafeAuth SDK to any dApp.

Polygon Connect Founders Series, Supra Intralayer Day, and Web3 Re:Invent

Polygon Connect India Blockchain Week Web3Auth

We had interesting exchanges with startup founders at Polygon Connect Founders Series as we discussed wallets and web3 UX. We are making the case on why asset portability is the next big step for account abstraction.

Sparks of insights filled the room as Zhen and other Web3 founders discussed about execution on Polygon Connect. It was a grounding experience to see the bigger picture– both the future possibilities and the current realities in the web3 space.

Zhen has also talked about multiple practical applications of MPC wallets on Supra Intralayer Day and Web3 Re:Invent. 


Whether it’s a builder crowd or a huddle of technologists, Bangalore didn’t fail to inspire us with novel ideas and connections that we hope to grow into collaboration. We are extremely excited to have talked to some of you, and if you are keen on continuing our conversations about MPC, UX, and AA wallets, please don’t hesitate to keep in touch!