What’s New With Wallet Services? A Major Upgrade

What’s New With Wallet Services? A Major Upgrade

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A few months ago, we unveiled Wallet Services, a revolutionary wallet development suite that makes embedded wallets easy for everyone. The Wallet Services dashboard empowers applications of all sizes to harness the power of built-in wallet UI templates, easy integrations with onramping, and creating pregenerated accounts effortlessly. And today, we're thrilled to announce our latest update packed with new features!

But before we get to Wallet Services, we’re excited to share that logins now are 3x faster. With our enhanced authentication service, users can now access their wallets with blazing speed. 

Why You Should Try Wallet Services Now

On top of the general speed boost, there are new features in store with our latest release of Wallet Services:

  1. Expanded Payment Method Support

Our platform now boasts over 10,000 pairs of payment methods, catering to users across 100+ countries and many regions. Whether it's credit cards, digital wallets, or cryptocurrencies, we have the most comprehensive onramp aggregator to date, providing users a seamless way to buy crypto with local currencies in countries like Vietnam, Philippines, UK, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and more!

  1. New Sign-In Screens

To enhance user experience on mobile, we've introduced newly designed, customizable sign-in screens. These intuitive interfaces streamline the authentication process, making it easier to create intuitive and user-friendly mobile sign-in flows. Now, creating mobile wallet screens is now as simple as a few taps with Web3Auth. Plus, with our no-code white labeling feature directly from the dashboard, customization has never been easier.

  1. More White Labelling Options

On top of the basic white label customizations such as logos and colors,. now we're introducing a broader range of white labeling options, including fonts, language preferences, and more. This enhancement ensures the entire wallet experience seamlessly integrates with each brand's distinct identity and caters to their specific user requirements.

Why Wallet Services?

Supports Mobile Applications

We take pride in pioneering native mobile integration directly through Wallet Services. Our exclusive SDKs empower developers to seamlessly integrate advanced security features into their mobile applications—capabilities unmatched elsewhere. This ensures unparalleled protection and accessibility for your mobile users, setting a new standard in mobile wallet security.

TSS-MPC Integration

Wallet Services also now gives the user an option to use Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) with Multi-Party Computation (MPC), offering an unparalleled level of security for your embedded wallets. This groundbreaking integration ensures that your transactions are safeguarded against any frontend attacks because the key is never reconstructed to create the signature with TSS.

With these enhancements, Wallet Services empowers businesses across industries to leverage blockchain technology without long weeks of development and overhead costs. From e-commerce platforms to loyalty programs to NFT minting sites, the possibilities are endless. Now, with Wallet Services, businesses can effortlessly develop tailored solutions that align with their brand identity and user preferences under minutes.

Ready to get started? Visit our website to explore our features, or start building now on our dashboard and unlock the full potential of blockchain wallets.


I am an existing Wallet Services user, will I be affected in any way by these upgrades?

No, but as a continued subscriber, you will enjoy the same improved features that the most recent version of Wallet Services can offer.

Which blockchains does Wallet Services support?

We support a wide range of blockchain networks to cater to diverse user needs. Wallet Services can be used for all EVM-compatible chains.

I want to build an embedded wallet that works on mobile devices, which platforms do you support?

We support both Android and iOS, so you can develop on both!

Know more and understand how the product works by checking out our documentation.